Sustinat Green specializes in the field of industrial development, agro-industry, eco-tourism, infrastructure, real estate, hotel-resort development, and wastewater treatment. We have in-depth knowledge of the field of agriculture, environment, and mining.

Offered Services

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i) Environmental Management Services

  • EIA/ESIA consultancy services (Initial and Full EIA),
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP),
  • EMP Supporting Advice and Execution,
  • Environmental Monitoring Report,
  • Environmental Protection Agreement,
  • Environmental Quality Inspection (Air, Soil, Water, Noise and Vibration),
  • Preliminary Environmental and Social Survey
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ii) Corporate Secretary & Environmental Compliance

  • Provide support and assistance to acquire license and/or permit required by law and regulations in force (Discharge permit, Recycling Material Export License, …),
  • Provide corporate service and/or consultancy service to ensure environmental compliance: declaration of monthly/ trimestrial/ semester/ annual environmental report
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iii) Research & Study

  • Climate Change and Adaptation,
  • Conduct Market Survey and Pre-feasibility study,
  • Conduct Social and Economic Survey,
  • Resettlement Plan and Compensation,
  • Life-Cycle Assessment and Cleaner Production,
  • Waste Management Study and Policy Advice (ranging from customer survey to fee structure, and environmental infrastructure needs assessment)
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iv) Applied Green Design

  • Green technology integration Consultancy,
  •  Functional Design,
  • Bioclimatic and Passive Solar Design,
  • Green and blue space design,
  • Integrated Environmental Management Plan and Master Plan Design,
  • Economic Analysis of Architectural Design